Traditions and goal setting

Although I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions, I do like to set goals for the coming year. Not necessary with New Years, more with my birthday. Reflecting on the last year, looking to what I want to achieve for the next year. Well, due to my latest birthday a few days ago, I didn’t only write down goals, I also wrote down traditions I would like to keep in my life.

Birthday traditions

As I wrote the list on my offline birthday, I start with the birthday traditions I like for the rest of my life. First of all, I want the day to start with breakfast in bed. Something I don’t do often, but it makes me feel so good, it’s the perfect day for it.

I decided it should almost be like a national holiday, so no working for me on my birthday, preferably not even checking mail or answering messages. An offline birthday. My princess day, the day whereby I only do what I want. Wether that’s going for a massage, out for a cup of coffee or flying somewhere warm and sunny.

Food, food, food!

As I would like to stay in shape and as healthy as I currently am, I build in some weekly traditions around food. A Meatless Monday, Salad Saturday and Fish on Friday.

I love good food, and I really missed my Christmas breakfast. Apparently it’s kind of a Dutch thing, but for all future Christmas days, breakfast is going to be big, with special Christmas bread, turban bread, boiled eggs and lots of chocolate milk. No matter if I’m in the Netherlands or abroad. This will be the same for Easter, I better make sure I’m around on April 1st this year!

Work is work

As I’m all for a perfect work / life balance, I decided to keep my laptop closed during breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter how much there’s to do. As I already work from places where I also spend my free time, I mix them too much and I will start to separate work and life a bit more again.

According work, I have two main goals. By the end of last year I set sales goals, which I will have to reach. Besides that, I will also organise two Active Workations this year, as organizing is definitely where my heart is! 🙂 More on that will follow for sure!

Friends and Family

Family and friends are super important for me. For this reason, I launched a Family Friday. I got this from my time traveling South America, where my Israeli friends called their family during Shabbat. I loved it! When I’m abroad my family can expect a phone call from me. When I’m in the Netherlands, well, dinner time it will be, every Friday possible!

In the last years I’ve seen my friends in many places around the world. A yearly trip with my best friend will stay tradition, as well as meeting many of my nomadic friends. Alex, Birgit, I promise to come and see you this summer. Hannah, I’m happy to be able to see you at least once or twice a year and well can’t wait to see all my beloved friends back home. Everyone is always welcome in the Netherlands when I’m around and I hope to see many of you again in the coming time!

Personal development

As growing up doesn’t only mean ageing, it also means growing in many other ways. Gain more knowledge in many aspects of life. Therefore I start with reflection fourth. Every fourth of the month I will reflect on how things are going with my goals and traditions. Where do I need to focus on, where do I need to change things.

I also decided to read more books. I already read quite a bit, but most books I read are swopped books from hotels. This year I want to get back into development books. The goal is to read at least 12 books, 6 out of them will be development books. Any recommendations are more than welcome!

Travel the world

As traveling is my cup of tea, well, I won’t be stopping that any time soon. I would like to see at least 6 new countries this year. I’m currently in Mauritius so only five more to go!

A while ago I started a project whereby I wanted to create a world map from my old passport. Well, the goal for this year is to finally finish this project.

Although it seems a lot, I don’t think it will be too hard to reach this years goals. I have to stay realistic. What are your goals for this year? Is there anything you would like to focus on? I would love to hear more about it!

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  1. Lodi Planting
    Lodi Planting says:

    Mooie lijst met doelen, routines en wensen en het is een kwestie van tijd voordat jij ze gaat realiseren!

    Tot dit jaar maakte ik ook elke keer zo’n lijst, maar dit jaar ben ik daar mee gestopt.
    Op één of andere manier werkte het niet voor mij en ik ben op zoek naar een manier die wel werkt.

    Dat wil overigens niet zeggen dat ik geen doel(en) heb dit jaar.
    Maar deze houd ik lekker voor mezelf!

    Geniet van de figuurlijke reis naar je doelen!

    • Marcella Korver
      Marcella Korver says:

      Daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens Lodi. Ik merk dat het leven eigenlijk alleen maar makkelijker wordt wanneer je routines hebt. Nadenken over wat je eet ‘s avonds is een stuk makkelijker als je vooraf bepaald hoe en wat.

      Dank je wel, jij ook heel veel succes en plezier met alles wat je tegemoet gaat komen. Wordt sowieso weer een topjaar! 🙂


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