World No Alcohol Day And I’m At The Biggest Beer Festival In Europe

Pretty ironic, don’t you think. To be at the biggest beer festival in the world, as a non alcohol drinker, on the world no alcohol day. Pretty bad timing I would say. Being at the Oktoberfest doesn’t mean I suddenly started drinking. I survived the Oktoberfest without beer, and it made me lead to writing this article on how it feels to be someone who hardly ever drinks.

The two most common questions I get, on a very regular basis how can you afford to travel so muchandwhy don’t you drink alcohol? Let me tell you this, they go hand in hand. Do you know how much money you spend on alcohol every week? That glass of wine is often triple the price of a simple soda, not to speak off that expensive cocktail.

Have you ever seen a Christmas without gluhwein, New Years eve without champagne or a Friday night birthday party without beer? Most people use every festive for a drinking occasion. Something to celebrate, let’s have a drink! I much more prefer to get a piece of pie instead.

Why does it often feel so much more social accepted to drink than it is to not drink on a daily basis? Sometimes I try to be funny, tell people I’m pregnant, I’m allergic or that I’m an ex alcoholic. But no, it’s not any of the above. I simply don’t like the taste of most alcohol and it just doesn’t interest me much.

It’s like everything what is slightly less regular gets questioned a lot. Vegetarians; why don’t you eat meat? Vegans; Why don’t you eat meat and diary? 30 and single, there must be something so wrong with you. People should learn that not everything out of the ordinary should be questioned all the time.

I agree with everyone who ever said that I’m much more fun when I drink, but I prefer to stay in control most of the times. I prefer to have the comfort of driving a car over the pleasance of drinking a glass of alcohol. It simply doesn’t cross my mind to get a glass of wine when I’m alone, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

It’s Not That I Never Drink At All

Of course there are a few exceptions whereby I can drink a glass of wine. With a lovely dinner, or a few glasses more, on my last birthday. But I know that’s mostly drink out of peer pressure. Every time I turn down a drink I get questioned. The ‘we don’t do tea tonight Marcella’, or come on, ‘doe eens gezellig’. They sometimes convince me to drink, but those comments annoy me massively. Can a ginger beer count as beer as well? Even though it doesn’t have alcohol in it and doesn’t slightly taste like beer at all.

I mostly try to explain myself, but those time passed. I wouldn’t tell people to not take that glass of wine they like to drink, and I expect you to do the same. Everybody should do whatever they like, whether you drink or don’t, but please respect people who choose not to drink and maybe it helps if you would see them as a role model. A role model for your (future) children, to not feel pressured to be drunk to fit in with their friends.

Why not try it yourself?

Besides, according to many studies, not drinking has many benefits for the both physical and mental health. See them below and why not try the whole non alcohol it yourself?

  1. You won’t ever have a hangover anymore. How good does it sound to wake up fresh and awake every day! You can finally do something in your weekend.
  2. You will lose weight, alcohol has a lot of calories. Less alcohol = Less exercise.
  3. If you do exercise, drinking won’t help to build the muscles either. A double reason to stay in shape.
  4. Not to speak about the junk food cravings you get when you’re drunk. Not too good if you like to stay in shape.
  5. You actually remember what you did all those night. No need to ask your friends how good that evening was anymore.
  6. Even better, you won’t feel bad the next day as you didn’t embarrass yourself either.
  7. Alcohol is no excuse anymore. Not for your behaviour, not for your anything.
  8. You actually look better if you don’t drink. Both your hair and your skin look softer.
  9. Your body will love you too. Alcohol dehydrates your organs, your liver will thank you. Both your cholesterol and blood sugar levels improve. Your immune system increases so you will be sick less. You sleep much better, don’t wake up at night. I can keep on going.
  10. You feel so much more energised during the day. Those afternoon dips due to your alcohol inhalation are over. You will also feel a lot happier, more creative and you can concentrate a lot better.
  11. As a woman, the changes of getting pregnant actually increase if you don’t drink. As a men, you decrease the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction
  12. This might not sound like a benefit to most, but you actually have to deal with your emotions. You won’t be able to ‘drink them away’, you have to deal with them. This doesn’t only mean for the bad emotions though, also for the good emotions.
  13. You spend time with your real friends. You will stop spending time with your drinking buddies, those you hang out with in the bar. Instead, you actually spend this time doing something you like with people you really like.
  14. As said in my intro, it will safe you a lot of money if you stop drinking. I know those who saves hundreds of euro’s each month, simply because they stopped drinking. Think off all the good things you can do with that!

But you know, you don’t need a reason to not be drinking. Some just don’t like it. Don’t feel the pressure to explain yourself all the time. Next time you get offered a drink it’s enough to politely thank. End of story. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, not drinking is your decision and should be respected.

Cheers to this lovely Wednesday!

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