Topics I can speak at your event about

Not All That Wander Are Lost

You don’t need to be lost to travel the world. There are so many reasons to start your travels, and I will tell you what they are.

In my opinions, have a purpose!

My 30 Before 30, the 30 best things I’ve done

Traveling gives you the possibility to do amazing things, to see amazing things, make amazing friends and create amazing memories.

An overview of all the amazing things I’ve done, seen and memories I’ve created.

How to travel on a budget

Most people don’t have a big budget when they start travelling. And the key is, the less you spend, the longer you can travel.

Tips and trucs on how to travel on a budget.

Accommodation when you travel

Accommodation and transportation are by far your main expenses when you travel. More depth information on the different ways you can travel and find a place to sleep.

Make money when travelling

In case you want to extent your travels, there’s always a way to make money when you travel. I will show you different ways to make money, no matter where you are.