Oktoberfest On The Non Alcohol Day

Pretty ironic, don’t you think. To be at the biggest beer festival in the world, as a non alcohol drinker, on the world no alcohol day. Pretty bad timing I would say. Being at the Oktoberfest doesn’t mean I suddenly started drinking.

Traditions and goal setting

Although I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions, I do like to set goals for the coming year. Not necessary with New Years, more with my birthday. Reflecting on the last year, looking to what I want to achieve for the next year. Well, due to my latest birthday a few days ago..

My life, my blog, my first blog!

More than four years on the road, and I never started a blog. But it’s never too late to start, so here it is, my life, my blog, not for you, for me, by me.

I actually start because of many reasons. First of all, I love writing. Secondly, the questions of my life, especially the ‘how do you afford this lifestyle, you don’t even work” drive me nuts. Thirdly, it’s a good practice, and I need it. So why not?

So let’s make it clear, I do work, and I do earn money. I don’t work like most of you, I don’t go to an office I don’t work from 9-5, I work from the time wake up and open my laptop, till the time I close my laptop and go to bed. I work on many different things, I prefer to work on my own projects as much as possible, some whereby I earn money, and some whereby I hope to earn money in the (near) future.

Besides that, living outside the Netherlands gives you much more value for your money. Rent is cheaper and the costs of living is so much lower. I can live much, much longer in places where I prefer to be because of many reasons. The weather, the perfect kite conditions, the atmosphere, and the amazing community I’m surrounded with. The Digital Nomad Community, with some amazing people in there.

Well, don’t expect to see a blog every day, but I guess I will write some new things every time when there’s something exciting to share, so stay tuned!

Cheers, Marcella